Su Chi, pottery
Su and her pottery

For me it’s been quite simple really. Playing in mud puddles as a toddler led to clay classes as a kid and pottery classes as a high schooler. Add in 10 years as a stay at home Mom and you’ve got a practical minded pottery producer on your hands. My brains and hands think kitchen, function, recipes (and schedules) all day long. Who knew this could be such a fun full time job after 30 years?

Su Chi ware brings together simplicity, usefulness and joyous color. C-h-i, the first three letters in my maiden name, is also the first principal of pottery making in my studio. Better pots arise from this free flow of energy. Why not strive for the clearest flow possible?

Again, simply playing in clay. How lucky I am.

With dozens of color combinations and a growing pottery line, I hope you’ll find pieces that soothe your soul and please your senses.