2.26.12 009Transforming spinning clay that whirls around the potters wheel captivates me. The quality of attention in each moment gets recorded in the walls of the vessel. There’s no hiding it. Intentions, thoughts, skill- all of it, come together forming unique expressions of the maker.

Guided by feeling, many lively colors and symbolic spirals dance into to my work. Traditional ceramic dinnerware forms familiar to us all serve as a jumping off point for exuberant decorations to emanate.

Over 30 years, my skills have developed through classes and workshops but mostly from spending thousands of hours at the wheel exploring, designing and creating. The current focus of these functional wares adds about a dozen new color combinations to existing forms. A new collection is in the works and will see the light of day soon. Be on the look out for it.

I mean it when I say, Su Chi pottery is meant to soothe the soul and please the senses. It’s my invitation to you to express yourself, connect with each other over a meal and let your joy shine.